Who's Who of American Women    

It is fairly easy to narrow the dating of this to a several-year span of the early 1970s. The listing is generally consistent with Pratt's appearance in the 1970 Who's Who in American Art, but contains no references to anything beyond 1971 such as, for example, her 1973 article on Olmec hieroglyphics.

What is most interesting about this is that this draft was prepared by the publishers for final proofing and correction by the subject. This of course means Pratt must have submitted information to them in some



form. However, the document in Pratt's papers is, in fact, the original and was apparently not returned.

Pratt does not appear in Volumes 7-9 of Who's Who of American Women, covering the years 1972-1976, nor in Volumes 12-24, covering the years 1981-2005.

I have not been able to locate Volumes 10-11, but it seems probable that Pratt did not appear in Who's Who of American Women.



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