About Encaustic Materials and Methods  

First published in December, 1949, Frances Pratt & Becca Fizell's Encaustic Materials and Methods was well-received during its short life in print, earning a laudatory review in the New York Herald Tribune and recognition by the New York Times as a “Book of the Week.” Sadly, it went out of print and is now very difficult to find – the WorldCat international library database finds only slightly more than 100 copies, virtually all of which are held in museum and university libraries.

Gail Stavitsky calls Encaustic Materials and Methods “the first comprehensive book on encaustic history and techniques” and now, for the first time in more than 60 years, it is back in print in an affordable facsimile edition, scheduled for release in June, 2015. Unique in its concise yet detailed summaries of centuries of encaustic practice, Encaustic Materials and Methods remainis an invaluable reference.

This facsimile edition has been supervised by Randal Davis & Kassandra Kelly. Kassandra Kelly is an artist and writer whose own book on encaustics, The Encaustic Materials Handbook, appeared in 2014; please visit her at http://hive-encaustic.com/ for more information. You can find the Handbook at http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=encaustic%20materials%20handbook&index=blended

This new edition of Pratt & Fizell's Encaustic Materials and Methods reprints the full text of the book from high-resolution archival quality scans of a copy in very good, near fine condition. The links below give examples of the contents.

Please continue to visit this website for more information about the new reissue of the classic Encaustic Materials and Methods, and for special features about the book. If you would like to notified when the reprint is available (anticipated June, 2015), please write to us at francesprattart@gmail.com and we'll stay in touch.

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