Biographical Material    
Little can be said for the circumstances attending this two-page typescript. It can be reliably dated to the decade 1952-1963; the earliest end of the arrange is established by the latest event listed (the Audubon Society prize and the American Weekly article) and the date range is capped by Pratt's use of the two digit metropolitan postal code, which was superceded by the now-familiar zip code in mid-1963.  


Additional circumstantial dating can be seen in the absence of Pratt's two solo exhibitions at the Doris Meltzer Gallery in New York City (1955 & 1960). Thus it seems most probable that this document was prepared in the early 1950s, possibly in support of Pratt's receipt of the Audubon Prize in 1952. It is also possible that the document related to her teaching at the Parsons School of Design (1948-1951) or the Ballard School (1942-1959).



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